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Good Earth News: SR3 + the PNW's First Marine Hospital

Photo credit: SR3 NOAA permit #18786

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Of course, every day is Earth Day, but sometimes it can be extra special to take some time out of the busy week to remember just what an incredible, interdependent, and beautiful planet we live on.

Whether you live in an urban environment or in a tiny cabin in the woods (and if that's true, we're jealous!), we all live on the same planet and are all connected to its ecosystems. The Earth brings us together in a way that nothing else does. 

That's why it's so important to acknowledge all of the amazing work that people are doing to protect our home. We'd love to share some Good Earth News with all of you to celebrate Earth Day - the opening of SR3's Marine Hospital! 

SR3 is one of our incredible nonprofit partners, who work on sealife response, rehabilitation, and research. They're passionate about protecting the oceans of the Pacific Northwest, as well as the human communities that surround them. SR3 works in tandem with local communities to make sure that everyone's voices are part of the conversation. 

They also research the health of Southern Resident killer whales, as well as dolphins, whales, and porpoises. Southern Resident killer whales are a unique species that indicate the overall health of our ocean ecosystem, and they've been under threat. That's why the work that SR3 does is so critical, and why they're taking big next steps to care for the animals of this region.

Photo credit: Serge Timacheff

SR3 is unveiling the Pacific Northwest's first marine hospital, which will care for sick or injured marine animals like sea lions, seals, turtles, and more. The hospital will also "serve as a primary responder and rehabilitation facility for marine wildlife in the event of an oil spill or other environmental crisis." The hospital will train aspiring marine wildlife professionals as well. 

We're so excited about what this means for our marine and human communities! Check out SR3's website to find out more about their work, and what you can do to be a steward of this beautiful planet that we all get to call home. 

We not only donate 1% of the gross sale from Apple State Vinegar; but we now donate 1% of Shrub Farm's gross sales too!! With this addition we are able to donate over 5 times more than in the past to marine life!

Love for your body and the planet. A true 360 win!


SeaLife Rescue Center ground opening virtual tour!

Join a virtual tour of the facility on Facebook Live on April 22nd, 2:00pm! Find the details on SR3 Facebook page! (link below)

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