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Build Your Health One Day At A TIme

If you’re anything like me, your days have looked a bit different than usual recently. But now that we’re slowly settling into this new reality, it feels important to establish some sort of structure to our lives, one which enables us to be our most healthy selves under the circumstances, as well as support the health of our community. After all, our wellbeing is inextricably linked to the wellbeing of our fellow citizens and the small businesses, farmers, teachers, and more that support us during these trying times.

A daily routine or ritual can be an extremely grounding, supportive, and nourishing practice during this time of quarantine. We at Shrub Farm have this little Day of Health scheduled out — it works for us, but feel free to get creative! After all, health and happiness look a little different to everybody. Consider this a blueprint — we’ve included some of our favorite small, local businesses, and you’ll notice a shrub or apple cider vinegar pairing with every meal, of course!

7 am: Wake up and dance! Why not start your day with an intentional practice of joy and movement? Best of all, this only takes the length of your favorite song. On repeat in our playlist: Dancing Queen by ABBA, Happy by Pharrell, and Everybody by the Backstreet Boys.

8 am: Breakfast! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and a great opportunity to incorporate as many local products as possible into your food. We love a plate full of protein, healthy fats, and some vegetables thrown in for good measure. First, bacon! We like ours from Bellingham craft butcher Carne — make it extra crispy! We make Salt and Apple State Vinegar potatoes using spuds from Rabbits Field Farm and fry up the most glorious eggs of all time from Foothill Farms.

9 am: Video chat with grandma! Though social distancing measures are necessary for public health, they can also leave us feeling, well, a little lonely. We prefer to think of it more as physical distancing — so we’re finding unique ways to stay socially connected. Zoom, Skype, and Facetime all work wonders in making sure people feel less alone. So call up your grandma, your mom, your best friend. And while you’re at it…

10:00 am: Have a virtual workout session with a physically distant gym buddy! We love the workouts on Fitness Blender, especially this low-impact one linked at the bottom of the page. Fitness Blender is an amazing, WA-based company that provides tons of videos for exercisers of all abilities. Kelli and Daniel, the founders, have been our fitness coaches for six years, and we love the work that they do and the way they help us feel strong, confident, and energized.

10:30 am: Follow up your workout with a Happy Gut Smoothie that boosts your immune system. Cheers!

12:30 pm: Lunch! An essential meal to keep you energized for the rest of your day, lunch is a great way to incorporate probiotics that will light your digestive fires. We love having a stash of shrub-based Life Changing Quickles on hand to top our favorite simple and nutritious Buddha Bowls. A Buddha Bowl is a fairly simple concept that combines whole grains, plant proteins, and vegetables. It’s a nourishing meal that comes together quickly and is endlessly customizable for your particular palate. We usually use a base of long grain brown rice, pan-fried tofu, Pangea Ferments kimchi, and these quickles — made with Ginger and Hawaiian Chili Shrub and an assortment of springtime veggies from a local farm!

2:00 pm: Post-lunch, it’s nice to take a walk around your neighborhood and appreciate the gardens coming into bloom, the birds singing, and your neighbors walking their dogs. Notice what people have done to make this time feel special! On my block, some people have taped up poems about spring on their windows for all to read and enjoy, and kids have drawn chalk obstacle courses on the sidewalk.

3:30 pm: Have a backyard concert/ crafting party with some of these fun musical instrument creations. Most of them can be made with household objects!

6:00 pm: Dinner is a time to gather with family, express gratitude for good food, and to share the gifts that local businesses have to offer. For this meal, we like something that’s healthy yet indulgent. Shredded beef tacos with local beef from Carne and beer from Kulshan Brewery hit the spot. Sometimes we even love breakfast-for-dinner, and whipping up a batch of Fluffy Shrub Pancakes always hits the spot.

7:00 pm: Watch a lighthearted, funny movie as a family. We love Paddington, a story about a bear in London. It’s a total delight, especially when you’re munching on a bowl of stovetop popcorn from Slanted Sun Farm drizzled with Dandelion Organic Olive Oil and sprinkled with San Juan Island Sea Salt’s Popcorn Blend. Local, delicious, and pretty darn simple.

10 pm: Sleep! Rest is so essential to maintaining a healthy immune system and a positive state of mind .

However you’re spending your days, we hope it’s with good food, good company, and as much good cheer as possible. We’ll get through this, and hopefully maintain a deep gratitude for everything that makes life worth living — day by day.

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