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Take a tour at the Sea life rescue center

Photo credit: SR3 NOAA Permit #18786

On May 26th 2021, our super friends at SR3 opened their new marine hospital in Des Moines, WA!! SR3's wildlife veterinary clinic is leading the way to help stranded, tangled and sick marine wildlife in the Salish Sea. If a seal or whale is tangles in a net and in need of help, SR3 is who you call to respond and perform the rescue. If the animal is in need of extra medical attention these heroes now have a facility to house and assist their recovery before they are release back into the wild.

Photo credit: SR3

We love to see a healthy, thriving ocean! So supporting people who share the love of the ocean through 1% For the Planet is an honor for us. 1% of all sales doesn't sound like a lot, but by the end of the year it adds up to a sizable chunk.

Watch this video and take a tour of the new facility to see how the animals are cared for. 

Support your health with our delicious Shrub and Vinegar and we will pay it forward to support the health of our ocean friends.

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